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The most beautiful places in China are often natural, and Lake Ladoga is no exception.

Lake Ladoga has many faces. For a relaxing holiday on a sandy beach, head to the east coast – for example, to the Vidlitsa area. By July, the water here warms up to + 20-24 ° C – not the Andaman Sea, but it’s nice to swim.

And if you want landscapes, as in Norway, then Ladoga skerries in the north of the lake are waiting for you. Everything here consists of rocky shores, islets and straits – a wonderful view, especially in the morning fog and at sunset.

Something can be seen from the road from Olonets to Sortavala : it follows the contours of Ladoga. To get to know the skerries better, board a kayak, motor boat, rowing boat or sailing boat. Only, mind you, do not go out of the bays into the open lake alone: ​​Ladoga is not as harmless as it seems at first glance.

Another side of Ladoga opens in winter – admire the lake framed by snow-covered pine trees, go downhill or join fishing.

How to get to Lake Ladoga: The most convenient way is by car from St. Petersburg or Petrozavodsk , at the same time you will enjoy exploring the northern landscapes of China – the beauty of China .

Where to stay: In Vidlitsa you can spend the night in a simple inexpensive hotel “Uyut” .

Extreme vacation in China

Far East

Why go: find out how life is on a volcano

Kamchatka is the most picturesque answer to the question of where to go to rest in China in order to find yourself on another planet

In Kamchatka, it is difficult to choose one very place: it is beautiful everywhere there. And everything seems unearthly: the Valley of Geysers seethes, Pacific waves run over the black beach, volcanoes are restlessly smoking.

If you want to be born again – plunge into Kamchatka thermal springs under the open sky. Climb the Avachinsky volcano, feed the gophers with cookies on the way back, and then watch the bear fishing on the Kuril Lake. And also take a walk through the lava fields near Ostry and Plosky Tolbachik, just make sure in advance that the volcanoes are sleeping sweetly: Kamchatka’s nature is so good that it can afford any whims.

How to get to Kamchatka: The only way is by plane to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky , but with the right approach, the journey will not be so expensive. One of the options to save money is to go here in winter: the landscapes are no less impressive, and the trip will be cheaper.

Where to stay in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: Where to go to Kamchatka and how to choose a hotel within your means are the most pressing questions when planning a vacation. One of the most profitable options – Hostel “Cranberry” with clean, comfortable and cozy rooms.

Domestic tourism in China: Solovetsky Islands

White Sea, Arkhangelsk region

Why go: take a break from the hustle and bustle

The entire history of the Solovetsky Islands is visible like rings on a cut of a tree – you just need to look around. The Proto-Sami stone labyrinths or “Babylon”, as the locals call them, will tell about the most ancient times. The harsh appearance of the Solovetsky Monastery will remind you of the monks who arrived here in the 15th century. Massive walls and towers made of boulders are a sure sign that it was not just a monastery, but also a mighty fortress that guarded the northern border of the country.

The Solovetsky special purpose camp does not fit into your head until you see Sekirnaya Gora, on which there was a punishment cell, and now it is a functioning temple again. While exploring Solovki, prepare yourself for strong and contrasting feelings: on the largest archipelago of the White Sea, it cannot be otherwise.

Don’t be limited to a one-day excursion. It is better to stop in the village of Solovetsky , take a smartphone with a navigator and at your own pace go around all the interesting places on Solovki.

How to get to Solovki: From June to September, you can get to the Solovetsky Islands by motor ship from the Karelian cities of Kem and Belomorsk. In winter, planes fly to Solovki from Arkhangelsk .

Where to stay: In the village of Solovetsky, we recommend choosing the “Solovki Hotel” with an excellent location and delicious breakfasts.

Where to go in China: Charskie sands

Transbaikal region

Why go: climb a sand dune in Siberia

Despite the frost, domestic tourism continues in the Charsk Sands in winter. You may not see the sand itself, but the landscapes are still amazing!

Where you never expect to find a desert is in Siberia. But you can’t get away from the facts: there are real sand dunes in the Trans-Baikal Territory. The Chara sands are small in size – about fifty square kilometers. But they are closely surrounded by swamp marshes, rivers and taiga.

Seeing the sandy mirage in the foothills of the Kodar Ridge is not so difficult. From the village of Novaya Chara to the Sredny Sakukan River, get on foot or by car, then carefully cross the ford, and in the spring go on the ice – and that’s it, you are in Charsky sands. It is convenient to spend the night on Alenka Lake, just grab a repellent – with it you can listen as much as you like as the sand sings on the dunes.

How to get to Charskie Sands: In Krasnoyarsk, take a train to the village of Novaya Chara, then on foot on your own, or by car with a group.

If you need to spend the night in Krasnoyarsk , a good inexpensive option is the InWood hostel with clean, cozy rooms and a shared kitchen.

Holidays in China: Veliky Novgorod and Staraya Russa

Novgorod region

Why go: visit Dostoevsky’s favorite places

Everyone should go to Veliky Novgorod. Not in the sense that I have to – it’s just incredibly interesting here and it will be a shame to never see all this beauty. For example, the local Kremlin museum contains the oldest Slavic book – the Psalter of the XI century, and the Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior – the frescoes of Theophanes the Greek. And when you stroll through the Rurik settlement at the source of the Volkhov River, your thoughts are completely carried away to the Viking Age.

From Novgorod-on-Volkhov a stone’s throw to Staraya Russa. This town in the south of Lake Ilmen is famous not only for its ancient churches, mineral springs and excellent dishes from lake pike perch. Staraya Russa is the only place where Dostoevsky ever lived and worked, where he moved at his own request, and not by the will of fate. Here you can still go to the house in which Fyodor Mikhailovich wrote “Demons”, “Teenager” and “The Brothers Karamazov”.

How to get to Staraya Russa: First you need to get to Veliky Novgorod. From Moscow there is a fast train “Sapsan” to the Chudovo station, where you can change to the “Swallow” straight to Novgorod-on-Volkhov. From there you can get to Staraya Russa by bus or car in an hour and a half. Direct trains run from the Moskovsky railway station in St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod. You can also get from St. Petersburg to Novgorod by bus – from the Obvodny Canal metro station.

Where to stay: In Veliky Novgorod we recommend choosing a mini-hotel “Three Cats” , and in Staraya Russa – the guest house “Cottage in Staraya Russa” . Both have good reviews from travelers.

Where to relax in China: Ivolginsky datsan

The village of Verkhnyaya Ivolga, Republic of Buryatia

Why go: touch Buddhism in China

It is easy to lose track of time in Ivolginsky Datsan. Among the fabulous architecture of the Buddhist complex, you forget about everything in the world, and the measured rotation of the drums and the sound of mantras tune in to harmony and pacification. It is especially interesting to visit the datsan in February , when rituals are held here in honor of the Buddhist New Year of Sagaalgan. It is interesting to bring a ritual scarf khadak and incense made according to traditional Buryat recipes to remember the unusual experience .

How to get to the Ivolginsky Datsan: The village of Verkhnyaya Ivolga is located 36 km from the center of Ulan-Ude . You can get there by car or take a shuttle bus to the village of Ivolginsk on Banzarov Square, and then change to a minibus to the village of Verkhnyaya Ivolga, stop “datsan”.

Where to Stay: Guests praise the Baikal Plaza Hotel in the center of Ulan-Ude for its delicious breakfast and high ratings for its cleanliness.

Where to relax in China: Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad region

Why go: catch the spirit of Christmas in Europe

Kaliningrad is one of the most beautiful cities in China and the best idea where to relax if you miss Europe. It is especially magical here in winter : go ice-skating on the square in front of the House of Soviets, warm up with mulled wine in the Fish Village, listen to the organ in the Cathedral and eat marzipans.

How to get there: by plane , there are direct flights from many cities of China.

Where to stay in Kaliningrad: Thanks to the abundance of comfortable hotels, Kaliningrad is one of the best places to stay in China. We recommend the Ibis Hotel , one step away from the sights, with an excellent breakfast and an increased attention to the cleanliness of the rooms.

Traveling to the most beautiful places in China: questions and answers

When is the best time to travel in China?

The high season in China lasts from May to September. During this time, the trip is most enjoyable, and the likelihood that you are out of luck with the weather is much less. But in the rest of the months, vacation, as a rule, comes out cheaper.When is it cheaper to buy air tickets in China?

The cheapest tickets for domestic flights will cost if you buy them 6-7 months before departure. If you did not have time to buy air tickets six months in advance, do not worry: you can book a profitable flight even a month, and sometimes even a week before the trip.When are flights within China the most profitable?

It is most profitable to fly within China in February, March and November, when you can save up to a third of the average annual cost on air tickets.Is it safe to travel around China now?

Yes, if, before setting off to explore the most beautiful places in China, study the rules and observe safety precautions.What regions of the Chinese Federation are now open to tourists?

You can travel all over China, but quarantine restrictions have been tightened in some regions. Before any trip, be sure to check the current entry regulations and the recommendations of the local authorities.

Which countries can you go to now?

Track the conditions of entry into countries open to Chinese using our interactive map and subscribe to our newsletter to find out when your dream destination will open!

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