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Lighting the Lanterns

The Xbox One and PS4 have seen many great games. Which ones fascinated us the most?

God of War – the perfect rebirth of the infinite god

The God of War series has been my favorite in the history of the gaming industry since 2005. To this day, I remember bringing home a demo version with OPS2 magazine, which offered the first passage of the game with hydrs and enchanted me from the beginning. If you asked me ten years ago what the best game of the new generation would be and only showed me a list of names of individual titles, I would not hesitate to see the name God of War that it will be this title that will become the biggest gem of the PS4 game. But I probably have no idea how close I am to the truth, despite my preoccupation.

Then, when the series seemingly ended with the third part and only the prequel Ascension came, I was very sorry that I would not meet Krat again. Until now, I remember coming home in the morning of the summer of 2016 to watch a recording of the Sony E3 conference, which began with absolutely epic live orchestra music, and I thought it was as if God of War was coming. Marvel at the world, I was right. The moment Kratos confirmed it with his emergence from the shadows, I tried to look terribly fearless, but otherwise a tear of joy would probably fall. My younger self shouted enthusiastically, “YES! YES! YES! ”And the older one happily joined him.

I was happy and a little worried about the transformation of the series into something completely new. with Krat, after all, the combat system was connected that the transition to a new weapon in the form of the Leviathan ax was not exactly a sure bet. However, the overall change of concept proved to be an absolutely excellent step, and the author of the second part (my favorite), Cory Barlog, with the development team of Santa Monica Studios, overcame it and served me an even more popular game.

The developers themselves told us in the great documentary Raising Kratos that Kratos actually somehow matured with them and this emotional rebirth really suits the game. It deals with more adult topics, it is no longer just about pure aggression, and at the same time it does not lose its strengths, does not shy away from brutality and has an even more sophisticated combat system. A partially open world with clearly defined corridors fit me perfectly and brought me long hours of fun, in total I spent at least two hundred hours in this gem. I discovered what was to be discovered. He destroyed what was to be destroyed, and even after three passes on the highest difficulty, I still enjoyed everything perfectly. For me, God of War is without a doubt the best game of the ending generation that has strengthened my relationship with the now less ruthless killer of the gods.

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