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Zombies are still here with us, even though they are not very visible. Don’t you believe? Give the title a chance.

The Galaxy Play Technology development team is trying to convince us that the zombie theme in the entertainment industry has not yet died out in the new mobile title. They chose a really heavy caliber for that, namely the brand The Walking Dead, which has always attracted more than its competitors. You can read in the following paragraphs whether this connection still has its charm and how it is actually played.

Camp in a few minutes

If you haven’t heard of the above development team, you certainly don’t feel guilty. This is only the second mobile piece that these Asians can be proud of to this day. But even that does not have to be a significant obstacle.

Walking Dead: Survivors is a bird’s-eye survival strategy that combines building elements with tower defense elements. Although this box may not seem completely interesting, the title offers a lot of other mechanics that are trying to revive the overall gameplay. We do not claim that they all work as we imagined, but it is still a relatively complex matter.

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, don’t rejoice prematurely yet. There is definitely no reason for that. Although the developers tried to connect the game as much as possible with the theme and atmosphere of this iconic series, the result is definitely not dazzling and in this respect it seems relatively forced. You’ll meet many famous characters like Rick, Glenn and Dwight, but that’s about it. Don’t count on a deeper extension of the story or a more complicated plot.

Untapped potential

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a survival strategy set in the universe of the original series, that’s all. You will be in charge of building a camp for survivors and its gradual expansion. This is the classic mobile game that throws players one task after another. The key aspect is therefore the collection of raw materials (food and wood), upgrading individual buildings, recruiting fighters and other characters, discovering new areas, and so on.

From a small and neglected camp, gradually improving it will build a huge base that will serve the survivors as a new home. To some extent, however, Survivors game mechanics are a bit overwhelming and stereotypical. Building a camp is a strategic matter, but strictly lined up in advance. The game itself tells you what to build, what to improve, who to recruit or where to go.

On the one hand, you will be much better oriented in the overall administration of the camp, on the other hand, you will feel like a poor subject, not like a commander. You will quickly find that you are constantly spinning in the carousel of tasks and commands and your strategic and managerial potential is slowly going to hell.

Even so, the gradual construction and expansion of the camp is a satisfactory matter, at least in terms of expansion. Apart from the camp administration itself, of course, there are sometimes some clashes with the undead. At such a moment, the level of your units will be decisive, but to be honest, I did not get into a situation where the stinkers would somehow flood me significantly.

Flat multiplayer to count

The developers tried to subtly elaborate some basic form of multiplayer into the title, which is unfortunately a bit unnecessary. On the world map, you can observe dozens of other camps of other players, with whom you can interact in various forms. The basic and elementary function of multiplayer is mainly mutual assistance during construction or individual raids on undead or other camps. You can also join individual clans and reap the benefits. We do not claim that this mechanism does not work, but it is far too anonymous and we would do without it.

The Walking Dead: Survivors will not get too positive points even in terms of graphics. It is a barely average game, which to some extent hides behind a distinctly stylized aesthetic. Unfortunately, the soundtrack does not dazzle in any way and is limited to the necessary basis. On the other hand, we must appreciate the smaller demands on gaming devices. In the editorial office, we reviewed the game on a Samsung A52 5G phone, for which the title did not pose any challenge. The more powerful Galaxy S20 didn’t sweat at all, and the small iPhone 12 Mini didn’t even warm up thanks to the advanced hardware of a larger colleague. Also, the control on a smaller display was not a problem at all thanks to the intuitive interface. 

The gameplay itself is designed for the height of the device, which can be a bit uncomfortable for some. We have no comments on the overall control. Everything basically takes place in front of you and in real time. Wherever you click, you do it. The user interface is similarly intuitive and clear, although it looks a bit robust at first, but the opposite is true. After trying all the options, you will quickly understand what they are for.

We definitely need to mention the economic model of the game. It is a free-to-play title, which of course brings with it additional monetization. To our surprise, however, this is by no means an aggressive matter. All available raw materials that can be bought (diamonds, wood, food) can be obtained quite comfortably by gradual playing. The truth is that the game sometimes tests your attention with some kind of stunt, but it’s not a tragedy. Due to the absence of third-party ads, this is a relatively user-friendly game in this regard.

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