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Bogolyubovo village, Vladimir region

Why go: swim up to the white stone church by motorboat or drive up by carriage

The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl is one of the most beautiful holy places in Russia. Experienced travelers advise to come here both in winter and in summer: it is impossible to choose when the temple is more beautiful!

Not far from the confluence of the Nerl and Klyazma rivers, the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl is white. It appeared in 1165, when the Vladimir-Suzdal principality flourished, and with it – white-stone architecture. A paved path winds through the idyllic Bogolyubovsky meadow to a man-made hill: it was built so that the church would not be flooded during a flood.

If you arrive in April, instead of a meadow you will find a river flood, and an air temple with snow-white lions and griffins will be on an island surrounded by water on all sides. All the better! Take a ride on a motor boat and make sure that in spring the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl looks like a stately swan in the middle of the lake surface . In winter, the spectacle is no less spectacular: a white-stone temple rises on a snow-white field, which can be crossed on foot or by horse-drawn carriage.

How to get to the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl: Buses and trains go from Vladimir to the village of Bogolyubovo – only 10 km away. There are a lot of holy places in Russia, and the Vladimir region is no exception. If you are thinking of going by car, look into Suzdal and don’t miss Kideksha: there is the Church of Boris and Gleb, founded by Yuri Dolgoruky.

Where to stay: An excellent solution would be to rent a cozy inexpensive apartment “On Lenin Square” in Vladimir. Expand your cultural program at the same time!

Where to relax in China: Ergaki Natural Park

Western Sayan, Krasnoyarsk Territory

Why go: climb rocks without special training

Ergaki is a great place for hiking and recreation at any time of the year

The Ergaki ridge in the Western Sayan Mountains, although not high, impresses with its severity: it is all bristled with rocky peaks. One of the most spectacular is the Dragon’s Tooth. If you want to take a selfie on a huge stone fang, do not hesitate: in summer, climbing the Dragon’s Tooth from the side of the Colored Lakes takes 3-4 hours along with the return trip and is accessible to any fit person.

And in order to enjoy Ergaki and at the same time not carry heavy backpacks, set up a base camp on Lake Svetloye and arrange small hikes for a day or two. Swim in the cleanest lakes, admire the waterfalls, breathe in the aromas of alpine meadows, wonder why the Hanging Stone does not fall, and in the evenings sing songs with a guitar, as in the good old days.

In winter, Ergaki is no less interesting: children and adults go skiing and sledging, learn snowboards and frolic in the fluffy snow. Then it’s great for everyone to warm up together with mulled wine and tea at a cozy recreation center and share their impressions.

How to get to Ergakov: In Abakan or Krasnoyarsk take a bus to Kyzyl. Many routes run from the visit center of the Ergaki Natural Park on the 614th km of the Krasnoyarsk-Kyzyl highway. Where to relax in Russia to improve vitality , if not among rocks, mountain lakes and meadows! In the Ergaki Natural Park, you can join excursions along ecotrails.

If you need to spend the night in Kyzyl , pay attention to the Mongulek hotel . In addition to clean rooms and a good location, there is an airport shuttle service.

The most beautiful places in China: Lena Pillars

Banks of the Lena River, Yakutia

Why go: find a trilobite

Lena Pillars – an idea of ​​where to go in Russia if it seems that nothing can surprise you

The Lena Pillars, which stretch for 40 kilometers along the Lena River, seem to be a fortress protecting the great Siberian river. In addition, this is a visual aid to geology: the rocks from which they are composed are more than 500 million years old. Look with all your eyes – what if you find a trilobite?

Even if you are unlucky with the fossils, the view from the observation deck will quickly comfort you: from the height the Lena River is even more elegant, and the ancient rocks will be right under your feet. Leaving the park “Lena Pillars”, do not forget to tie a piece of wood to a tree following the example of the locals – for luck and to see this beauty again.

How to get to Lena Pillars – a unique natural attraction of Russia: In summer , cruise ships go from Yakutsk to Lena Pillars. If you want to return on the same day, go by motorboat. An alternative option is by car to the village of Elanka and further by boat in the summer or by snowmobiles in the winter.

Where to stay in Yakutsk: There is no more attractive idea of ​​where to go on vacation in Russia than a trip to the Far East . There is only one problem – the trip can cost a pretty penny. To save on accommodation, choose an excellent inexpensive option – the “Delight” guest house . Reviews about him on our website are completely positive!

Where to go in China for the weekend: Plyos

Ivanovo region

Why go: wake up the artist in you

Plyos is one of the most accessible and picturesque places where to relax in Russia for the holidays

Plyos resembles a suburban noble salon: everything around is graceful and noble, and at tea there are solid poets and artists. Creative people have appreciated Plyos since the time of Levitan, so there is an incredible concentration of museums, art galleries and cute souvenir shops.

Wooden houses with carved platbands and domes of churches are also like in the picture. But the main decoration is nature. The town stands on the hills above the Volga and, like a patchwork blanket, in summer it is covered with green birches and apple trees, and in winter with a snow carpet – at least take your own brushes and paints and write the second “Evening. Golden Plyos “.

From Ples it is a stone’s throw to Palekh, from where you can bring a glorious box painted in lacquer miniature technique – a masterpiece of the famous folk craft that has survived to this day.

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