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Russia is a treasure chest that you can sort through endlessly. We have a lot of unforgettable places from Vyborg to Kamchatka – it’s time to take advantage of the fact that they are accessible without any red tape with visas. Take this Skyscanner rating as an elixir of inspiration and explore the most beautiful corners of the country. And to make it easier to decide, we will show you how to get there and what to see on the spot.

Not everyone will decide to travel abroad now: the situation with the coronavirus and the rules for travelers are changing too quickly . Fortunately, our country is a whole planet of natural and man-made wonders, endless scope for research! We have collected the most beautiful places in Russia, where it is good at any time of the year.

Where to relax in Russia: Kazan

The most beautiful places in Russia are not necessarily hard to reach. A couple of hours by plane – and you are walking around the impressive Kazan

In Kazan, the Tatar culture was closely intertwined with the Russian – and it turned out to be a lovely child of mixed blood. In the Kazan Kremlin, right across the street from the Annunciation Cathedral, stands the Kul-Sharif Mosque – both of incredible beauty.

The National Museum is also fraught with amazing contrasts: you will see a tarkhany label from the times of the Kazan Khanate and a carriage in which Catherine the Great traveled. In the Old Tatar settlement it is interesting to look at the neat, brightly painted houses that have survived from the old days, and on Bauman Street – the local Arbat – to pet the bronze cat of Kazansky. And be sure to try tender and thick-sided echpochmaks – in Kazan they know a lot about baking.

How to get to Kazan: Choose between bus, train and plane .

Where to stay in Kazan: We recommend TatarInn – a good hotel with affordable prices and an excellent location.

The most beautiful natural places in Russia: Lake Baikal

Eastern Siberia

Why Go: Energize the world’s deepest lake

Baikal is one of the best ideas where to relax in Russia in winter: at this time, the blue of the lake is almost more impressive than in summer!

On Baikal everyone will find what they are looking for. In summer, it is great to settle on the very shore of the sacred lake-sea: swim, taste omul, unravel the shamanic secrets of Olkhon Island and meet the seal – a touching seal with round eyes. At any time of the year, it is interesting to ride an excursion train along the rare Circum-Baikal Railway. And also drive to Arshan: after the tests of 2020, the healing power of mineral springs will not prevent us all.

If you want to visit the snow queen, come to Baikal in winter. Go downhill skiing and ice skating and admire the blue, crystal-clear Baikal ice. When you are cold, warm yourself with buchler – a rich meat broth with spices.

How to get to Baikal – the most beautiful lake in Russia: Trains stop right on the shore of the lake, but the journey from Moscow will take more than three days. It is more convenient to fly to Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude , and only the rest of the way by train or bus.

Where to stay on Lake Baikal: We advise you to take a closer look at the Baikal View hotel with warm cozy rooms and a good restaurant.

Natural wonders of Russia: Khibiny

Kola Peninsula

Why Go: Cross the Arctic Circle

The Khibiny is irresistible in the warm season. But in winter and early spring there are all conditions for skiing and every chance to see the northern lights!

The Kola Peninsula is the Arctic, to which you do not need to ride reindeer for three days. In the warm season, this is an ideal place for a road trip : you slam the car door, and around the already undersized northern birches, emerald lakes and rocky mountains, the very middle of the Khibiny Mountains. If you want romance, then make your way through the taiga and tundra on foot, with a backpack and a camera.

The ATV safari will provide you with adrenaline: you will storm the fords and climb to the passes right on four wheels. If you want a quieter adventure, land at a cozy recreation center in the center of the Khibiny and enjoy the white nights in summer and the polar lights from August to April. In December, the polar night envelops the Arctic, but even at this time, ski resorts work on the Khibiny.

How to get to Khibiny: Airplanes fly to Apatity and Murmansk . Change to a train or bus on site. The way from Murmansk by car will take 3 hours, from St. Petersburg – 17-20 hours.

Where to stay in Khibiny: As an option – a cozy hotel “Parkovaya” with an excellent location and clean comfortable rooms.

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