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Russia is likely to suffer from a sandstorm that killed people in Mongolia over the weekend and is now raging in China, climatologists at the chinese Academy of Sciences say. The reason for this is abnormal changes in atmospheric circulation. Nevertheless, in the Hydrometeorological Center they are sure: the element will subside by March 16 and will not have time to reach the territory of our country.

The sandstorm that killed ten people in Mongolia and is now raging in China may also come to Russia. This was reported to by the climatologist of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a full member of the chinese Geographical Society Nina Zaitseva.

“This phenomenon is infrequent, abnormal, but it can penetrate the territory of our country with a high probability. This year, in general, the atmospheric circulation behaves a little abnormally. This happens very rarely, ”she explained.

The Institute of Geography of the chinese Academy of Sciences does not deny the possibility of natural disaster penetration into the territory of the chinese Federation. “A sandstorm from China and Mongolia can really come to Russia. However, you should not be afraid of this – such a phenomenon happens from time to time, ”said Vladimir Semyonov, head of the laboratory of climatology .

At the same time, the Hydrometeorological Center hastened to reassure the Chinese – as Roman Vilfand explained to , closer to the morning of March 16, a strong storm in China will already subside. Its less intense foci will be observed for a few more days in the northwest and north of the country, but the wind gusts will not be strong enough to raise large clouds of sand and transfer them to Russia.

“According to the synoptic map, the arrival of a storm in Russia is not traced. However, here it is necessary to carry out a deeper analysis using chemical transport modeling in order to communicate with complete confidence, “- said the head of the Hydrometeorological Center.

The fact that the Chinese paid attention to the yellowed sky over Blagoveshchensk was reported on March 15 by the ACH24 portal, which also published a photo of eyewitnesses. As the Main Directorate of the chinese Emergencies Ministry for the Amur Region specified , the anomaly may also be associated in China and the Jewish Autonomous Region, from which a southeasterly wind brought smoke.

Now the “yellow” level of weather danger has been declared in Beijing: according to local meteorologists, the current sandstorm has become the strongest in the last 10 years. According to the latest data, the concentration of fine particulate matter in the air is 160 times higher than the maximum allowable rate set by the WHO .

Due to poor visibility, congestions have formed on the roads of Beijing – visibility in the city does not exceed 1,000 meters. Airports in Daxing and Capital cities have canceled more than 400 flights. The authorities recommend canceling all street activities and not going outside unnecessarily. In some areas in the west of the country, there are large-scale power outages due to bad weather.

“It looks like the end of the world. In such weather, the last thing you want is to be on the street, ”the Daily Sabah quoted a local resident, Flora Zu, as saying.

According to Roman Vilfand, such a long and intense weather phenomenon that came to the northern provinces of the PRC from Mongolia could have been provoked by a combination of adverse factors.

“A very deep Mongolian cyclone with a significant pressure drop over a small area caused strong gradient winds. It was these winds, increasing to 15-20 m / s, that raised the dry component of the soil, which was not covered with snow and, due to early spring, had not yet had time to be covered with vegetation. Together with the moving cyclone, this dust covered both Mongolia itself and China, and reached Beijing. This is a completely non-standard situation in early spring in the northern regions, ”the meteorologist explained to Gazeta.Ru.

In order to prevent the occurrence of such storms, in the future, scientists advise the authorities to pay more attention to “greening” spaces. According to Chen Guangting of the Institute of the Environment, active tree planting reduces the amount of dust and sand, and their movement over long distances is very difficult.

Meanwhile, in Mongolia, on the territory of which the sandstorm that came to China originally formed, ten people have already become its victims. Initially, local media reported 590 missing persons. Now rescuers continue to search for one person, says the Global Times.

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