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Chinese Year of Ox

Do you know about the order of the Zodiac animals? Ox comes at the second number. How an order can be followed? If we follow the myths then Jade Emperor said that the best order is that which is original. We can make decision about the order according to their arrival in the party. The Ox could become at first number, if the rat did not trick him. Rat gave him a ride. When they were near the destination then Rat jumped first. Rat fell ahead of the Ox. So, in order the Ox became at the second number.

The relation of Ox is also with the Earthly Branch (地支 / dì zhī) Chǒu (丑). The hours are 1-3 in early in the morning. IF we choose between two terms: Yin and Yang (阴阳 / yīn yáng), then the Ox is Yang. The value of the Ox is very great especially in Chinese culture. It is due to the following reasons: its role in agriculture, positive characteristics including hardworking and honest. But oxen are hard workers behind the scene, reliable and intelligent.

Recent years of the Ox are: 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1971, 1985, 1997, 2009,  2021.

The calendrical cycle is of 60 year. It is connected with the Celestial stems (天干 / Tiān gān). There is no doubt that chǒu is associated with earth. The years connected with the five elements of nature (五行 / wǔ xíng). The cycling process is according to these elements.

YearCelestial StemEarthly BranchZodiacElementYin Yang

Personality and Features

Oxen are reliable and honest. They never want any attention and also never look for praise. This is the reason which hides their individual talent. Don’t worry they will be valued through their hardworking. Their belief is that everyone should do one’s own duty. Everyone should remain within their limits. They cannot understand persuasion, if you use sympathies. They are kind. They work through logics and think according to the reasons. These qualities make great leaders.

In the Ox year, newborn Men are always trustworthy. They do every action by their heart. Their family is also valuable for them. They don’t want anyone to break their rules, because of their confidence. They make your children to expect the highest.

In the Ox year, Women are peaceful and noble. They always find an alternative instead of working according to the fate. Their life is of efforts. When they choose something, then they will do regardless of pains. They think and then react at the same moment.

Metal1961, 2021There will be no financial worries but they will face problems very early.  There will be no help from family and friends. They will enjoy a good retirement.
Water1973, 2033They have peaceful life and will be respected.  They will have a good and valuable family but they should marry late.
Wood1925, 1985They have multi talents and will live a smooth and gentle life. There might be the difficulties in the early life but everything will be good later on.
Air1937, 1997They are social. They will be very friendly. There will be no financial worries.
Earth1949, 2009They are complete and like a leader. They will make a lot of money but they will not be able to hold on it. They might be slowed down but they will enjoy the later years.


Rat, Snake and Rooster most compatible with the Ox.

Earthly branch of rat is water and Ox is earth. They have wonderful personality and the same goals in the life. Snake and Rooster are also compatible with the Ox. Snakes give warmth and romance. They help and support in working. Due to their loyal and honesty, Rooster’s heart attract them.

Goat, Horse and Dog least compatible with Ox.

The Earthly branches of both are different. There is a clash between their Earthly branches. Although they can accept the differences of each other, but the tension is always there. The nature of horses is wild and free. They don’t have serious attitide towards life. This is a point of difference. We can find no common qualities with Dogs.

Lucky Things for Oxen

Colors: blue, yellow, green

Numbers: 1, 4

Flowers: lily of the valley and lucky bamboo

Directions of auspiciousness: East, Southeast

Directions of wealth: Northwest

Directions of love: South

Unlucky things

Colors: red, brown

Numbers: 3, 6

Which careers are suitable for Oxen?

Oxen mostly work together. They want long-term and one direction work. Due to these qualities, they perform well in schools and are hard-working in every subject which helps them in their future career path. The best job for them is a stable job. It is because of their low-key personality.

They are perfect candidates for professional and stressful jobs, because of their sense of responsibility. The jobs include: doctors, lawyers, businessman and teachers. Due to their technical skills and struggle, they can be valued by the society.

They choose such career which is the most interesting for them. Any job which is according to their skills, they can perform but they take time to find something interesting. In a stable they can perform well because that job matches with their passions.

Health and lifestyle

As it is clear the wild oxen run freely, so newborn people in the Ox year are strong and fit. They visit hospitals rarely. If they neglect during youth then they will face problems during the later years.

Oxen can go with minimum food and rest. They can follow both excessively. Such diets which are not good can create problems for their digestive system. Irregular exercise is also not of any importance.

In the middle ages, there is a great risk of heart disease. Strokes are also problems. Commonly they suffer from joint disease. These issues are due to the irregular exercises. They need to take rest if they want a healthy life.

Oxen in the Year of the Ox (2021)

Chiqnese year of ox chinesenewyr
Chinese year of ox chinesenewyr

The birth sign of Ben Ming Nian shows that this year can be unlucky because of his conflict with Tai Sui. So, we can say that 2021 will be a painful year for the Ox.  There can be the challenges your career and studies. These will make you stressful. You will be distracted and emotional.

In 2021 Xin belongs to the metal. This is a heavenly stem. This will help them to some extent. You can avoid any bad-luck if you strengthen your morale. You should make healthy relationships. Your friends and family members will support you. You will be receiving a great appreciation for what you have.


Although, 2021 year might be a bad year for you but there are also some opportunities for you. You will find it difficult to achieve your destination, because Ben Ming has suppressed the energy of the Ox.

Your results can not be according to your desires, even if you are hard-working. The Ox needs to proceed with cautions in the year. You should compromise, if you want healthy relationships with your colleagues.

The Ox will strengthen their skills and trim their talents during 2021 year. You should do hard-work because there is no substitute of hard-work. Your wealth will be lowered by the heavenly stem Xin.

The Ox’s fortune will be changed by Ben Mintg Nian. Therefore, you need to manage a healthy budget for rainy days. You should be very careful about spending and financial tension.

Lucky Months: April, September, and December

Unlucky Months: May, June, and July


There is a challenge in the study period of the Ox. They might not perform well. Their quality of work ethics can bring a steadiness to your learning. You should do the basic work for future actions and don’t rely on the managed stability.

You may choose different paths in your education which include: transferring to a different school and the choice of a new advisor. You should be very careful while making these decisions.

 If you are determined on your decision then your struggles will pay off within time.


Oxen will find it difficult to improve their relationships. Certain interruptions may affect your mental health.  Some situations might be out of your control. Your partner might be selfish during this year. Have Patience! This time will pass.

If you are loveable and kind then don’t worry. Your efforts will never go waste even if your road is rocky.

The single Oxen will face difficulties in making relationships. This year will be very disappointing for romance. You should focus on learning about yourself. Find about which you are passionate. Also find with whom you can make relationship. But keep in mind that this year might not be the right time.


You should focus on your health. The Ox’s fortunes will be affected highly. You need to have a regular checkup because you might receive minor infections. Tai Sui will be very difficult for you this year and you will be stressed. You need to take rest whenever you find time. You need to exercise often and stay far away from harmful activities. 


According to Chinese astrology, this year will be relatively low note for the Ox.

There will be instability in your life because of the conflict between Ben Ming Nian and Tai Sui. Don’t act without thinking because you may encounter something unexpected.

You should be working on personal development. You should enjoy your life.

There is a need of best reaction in any bad situation. If you work hard and passionately the there will be a way to go out of the trouble

 Stay calm and peaceful because there will be a day which will be in your favor. This day will not be far away.

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