Chinese New Year is a great event for all the Chinese not inside china but all the Chinese around the globe. They have special crafts and activities for their Chinese new year. People of all ages and gender wants to enjoy this great event. Chinese New Year is not only the event but also the whole year celebration in the single month to get off from there all the tension and worries. All age’s means there is children old age and the special young people wants to enjoy this special oceans. There is no cast colour and age matter to enjoy this event. All people carry there special handmade cartoons and the craft to show them special to enjoy this special day. Every person have a sprate craft to make its more eye catching and wonderful. These are representing there love and effectiveness toward the Chinese New Year 2023.

As this is the year of Rabbit not you can find all the crafts according to the Rabbit. This animal is consider the luckiest animal or sign among all the twelve animals in the zodiac signs. This is the most elegance and beautiful animal for all the people who born in this year.

In the world there are some events are celebrated for more than 1 day and the small event is best for most enjoyment there is preparation for the light days. The Chinese new year is about 15 days celebration for all the peoples. This is the longest event in the world. This is not the ordinary event there is all event preparation is made for 15 days. The Chinese New Year is started after 20th of January and long to Feb end and March start. New Year Hand Crafts Hand Crafts for Chinese new year as there is all crafts are to be made by hand with some glue and paper. There is all type of paper is used to make all the crafts. Mostly the crafts are to be made with the lights to catch the eye attraction with the lights. Lights plays an important role to catch the audience’s attraction. There is best attraction for child is to add more and more lights to catch the eye sight. To enjoy this event there is people of all ages, gender and sex are to be migrated from their work location to the place of celebration to enjoy this event.

There is great migration on the world is made to celebrate this event. For this purpose this event is made in the winter because they can get together and can enjoy this day with a fresh and cool air and there is no need of extra Air conditioning to enjoy this year. Main event is to be started from January 22 and ends on February 9th of 2023 there is all decoration and enjoyment is according to the zodiac sign Rabbit.

Rabbit is the symbol of natural beauty for all the Chinese. Crafts Color There is most used color is red and the Gold. The red colour is to be consider for the energy and the gold is to be consider for the happiness and beauty. The mixture of both color and glow them with light is the best combination to catch more and more audiences in your decorations. There is all decoration is must to be containing the red and gold colour because this is energy and power of strengthen for all the peoples. Hand Crafts for all the peoples:

1. Chinese New Year Lanterns

There is all the lanterns are to be made by the hand. There is all lightening is to be made by hand their is most of two colour is to be used like red and gold. Now There is red color is used mostly on the ribbon is to be made by gold colour to enhance the eye catching. Mostly the lanterns are to be hanged at the high places because the event is to be long for 20 to 15 days. All the lights are to be hang with the roof or the trees to be best for eye catching. All the lights are to be hang outside the office and houses gardens and some public places from where you can glow your sights

2. Chinese new year House Couplets

House couplets means all the wishes that are to be made for the people who visit your house and instead of waiting to open the door they can read all the wishes and this is best New Year decoration for all the Chinese New Year. There is mostly even number is to be used because this is associated for good luck. Now There is mostly read and golden colour is used because they make this more and more eye catching. There is both side of the door is decorated

3. Paper Fortune Cookies

There is all wishes funny or personal messages are to be written on the paper fortunes for you kind guests this is kindness and effectiveness with your new year. This is first time used in the event of Christmas and now this is to be use for the most awaiting event of Chinese New Year. Now with the small piece of paper you can make more and more Paper Fortune Cookies this is too much easy and able to use again and again. Not only with the plate of the sweet dishes you can also use then with the fire cracker to make them more and more amazing.

4. Fire crackers for Chinese new years

Fire Crackers are to be best for sending awe the bad evils from your home. As the fire crackers are not working but these are to be used for decoration’s and best for doing to get away the bad evils from your home. The fire crackers for new year is making easy just get all the tissue roles from your home then round them with red colour paper and bind the golden ribbon now your cracker is raedy

5. Paper Fans for Chinese New Year

Now in every new year you can saw the start of Chinese new year with the red fan in there hand that show that there is no need of electricity to enjoy the event just get the hand fan and get enjoy the national event

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