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Biden’s spokeswoman: 12 people on Facebook create 65% misinformation about the vaccine

“GREAT social media operators spreading misinformation about vaccines are killing people,” U.S. President Joe Biden said yesterday. “They are killing people. The only pandemic we have affects people who have not been vaccinated. They are killing people,” the US president said when asked about his message to Facebook. The White House significantly tightened its tone […]

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Taiwanese Minister: We must prepare for a military conflict with China

CHINESE intimidation of Taiwan by military force shows that the island needs to prepare for a possible military conflict, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said in an exclusive interview with CNN . The warning came a week after the Chinese Air Force sent 28 military planes, including fighters and bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons, into Taiwanese […]

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Apocalyptic scenes in Europe, but the worst is not over yet. Dams could burst

Catastrophic floods have killed more than 120 people in Western Europe, and hundreds are thought to be missing.  Shocking photos of the devastation in Germany and Belgium show entire villages under water, with cars left stuck between collapsed buildings and piles of debris. The Netherlands and Luxembourg have also been hit by extreme rains. In Germany, […]

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On Chinese new year Great places to travel in Russia, where everyone should visit one day

Lantern Festival

Russia is a treasure chest that you can sort through endlessly. We have a lot of unforgettable places from Vyborg to Kamchatka – it’s time to take advantage of the fact that they are accessible without any red tape with visas. Take this Skyscanner rating as an elixir of inspiration and explore the most beautiful corners of […]

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